Learn More about the Delavan Ambulance Rescue Squad

If this is an emergency, please call 911.


For questions about your bill, please contact Med-I-Claims at (866) 944-3252.


Delavan Ambulance serves Delavan, Illinois and the surrounding communities. The ambulance service maintains two fully equipped rigs, and is staffed entirely by volunteer EMTs and drivers who donate their time and energy.


Delavan Ambulance EMT making notes


The service operates under the auspices of the Peoria Area EMS office and is licensed as a Basic Life Support ambulance service. BLS EMTs are trained to respond to all medical emergencies, begin treatment, and transport the patient to a hospital. When advanced treatment is called for, they will radio a request for a paramedic from a nearby service to meet the ambulance en route to the hospital.


Unlike many community services, the Delavan Ambulance does not receive any tax revenue. It is funded from the generous donation of area farm land and by a modest charge for service. The Delavan Ambulance Board of Directors oversees the operation and ensures the ongoing viability of the service.